About CurlyTreat Natural Hair Festival

Hey, Shirvina here…

Back by popular demand, this year’s CurlyTreats Festival will take place inside and outdoors at the Colesdale’s Farm events space. On Saturday 27th July 2019,

As the biggest event celebrating natural hair in the UK, our mission is to create a transformational experience that inspires positivity, joy and empowerment - each year! Surround yourself by thousands of people who embrace their natural textures.

Here’s how it all began…

In 2007, I decided to ‘return to natural’...again. It was not the first time I tried, I failed 4 times before. Back then, there were very few products for afro curly hair. I had no clue how to maintain my natural hair. 🤷🏾

My hair became brittle and was full of split ends, it started breaking due to my lack of knowledge at the I cut it. There were lots of how-to articles and videos online, but I had lots of questions for the hair experts in real life.

In 2013, I decided to create a space where women like me, could meet with their fave influencers and learn from experts how-to:

➡️ Grow healthy natural hair
➡️ Create new ways to style your natural hair
➡️ Understand product ingredients
➡️ Discover foods that promote hair strength

That space is called CurlyTreats Natural Hair Festival. Never did I imagine, helping thousands of women connect, celebrate, create meaningful experiences. What I’ve learnt is that it's important to be around people who can empower, educate, elevate you. That’s exactly why I created the festival known as the UK’s biggest natural hair event.

The event boasts a space full of popup shops, interactive session by experts and influencers, food and fun fair rides. This spectacular event promotes being your best self. There is plenty for you to experience on the day.

Join brands including Palmers, Activilong, Revlon Realistic at CurlyTreats Fest 2019.

Hope to see you soon!