CURLYTREATS | UK's No.1 Natural Afro Hair Show

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CURLYTREATS | 26 October 2019, Novotel Hammersmith

FREE Community Expo Entry | £20 (+ Fees) Full Access Conference + Event Bag

Conveniently located in West London, the UK’s largest natural hair event comes to the iconic Novotel London Hammersmith on Saturday, October 26.

Your "natural hair products" shopping and afro hair care education - all under one roof. Join expert hair care and styling sessions that inspires positivity, joy and actions for community building.

Visitors at this year’s event can see the latest products and services showcased by leading natural hair, beauty and fashion exhibitors across the UK and internationally.

Surround yourself by an innovative collective of visitors who embrace their curly hair textures. As well as visitors who are curious about retuning to natural.

CURLYTREATS, together we celebrate, together we empower!

It's a motion of perception towards empowering the curly hair narrative.

CURLYTREATS Venue - NOVOTEL London Hammersmith

Hammersmith International Ctre 1, Shortlands, London W6 8DR

Pop-up Shops - Natural Hair Products and More!

1P.M - Professional Natural Hairstyles for Type 3 Hair

Afrocks - Expert Hairstylists

Are you too busy that you've given up experimenting with hairstyles? Are you struggling with styling your natural hair for work? Need a burst of hair inspiration? We got you covered! Look beautiful everyday with quick and easy natural hairstyles. Styles to suit the demanding lifestyle of busy women.

Afrocks connects people looking for natural hair and beauty services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals or salons. From locs twisting to braids services, Afrocks instantly matches customers with trusted professionals in cities all around the world.

1.30P.M - Sis Let's Talk: Dispelling Autumn/Winter Hair Care Myths

Joycelyn Mate and Rachael Corson : Founders of Award-Winning Afro Hair Brand Afrocenchix

As we say goodbye to the glorious summer and welcome winter, we're exposing winter hair myths holding you back from living your best healthy hair life! We’ve all been guilty of believing unscientific 'facts' about Afro hair so we're here to dispel these myths to help you can your Afro hair fuss free!

Join Afro hair experts Joycelyn and Rachael, founders of the first Afro hair brand to grace the shelves of Whole Foods UK. This is for all women regardless of their natural hair journey stage.

2P.M Activilong

3P.M - Party Ready Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Chuma Soko - Natural Hair Influencer

So the autumn is here, winter is coming. Whether it is a birthday party or festival, we’ve got your natural hair covered. This session is all about how you can stand out from the crowd with your glorious natural hair. We’ll look at the different styles that are trending as well as how you can use hair accessories and wraps to really make your look pop. The hairstyles will be simple, quick and easy and will leave you feeling just that little more confident with great ideas on how you can slay your natural hairstyles this autumn/winter.

Chuma Soko is a natural hair content creator and Youtuber based in London, using her platform to empower and motivate women through natural hair care.

3.30P.M - Autumn/Winter Hair Care Routine: How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Dr Lola Akingbola - Hair & Skincare Expert

Are you ready to learn how to grow healthy hair? There are countless of natural hair products, tools , methods and regimens... it may feel overwhelming.

Hair care expert, Dr Lola will help you build a hair care routine for your curly hair for the autumn/winter months. No matter your hair type, styling choice or current length, you can grow longer, stronger hair! All you need is a good routine and attention to detail to maximise your hair’s growth potential. Why believe the myths that natural hair can’t grow long? Come and learn how to harness your true length.

Find out what you'll need to build a daily healthy hair care routine.

Dr. Lola Akingbola is Nigerian-born medical doctor, the creator of and author of the books: “8 Weeks to Longer Hair!” and “The Transitioner’s Handbook”. For many years, she has been sharing her hair care knowledge online (on her blog); in workshops; and at Health and Beauty Expos across the United Kingdom. Her other passions include her walk with God, baking, running marathons, and being an avid reader. She is a practicing Dermatologist who currently resides in the UK.

4P.M - Professional Natural Hairstyles for Type 4 Hair

Afrocks - Expert Hairstylists

Are you too busy that you've given up experimenting with hairstyles? Are you struggling with styling your natural hair for work? Need a burst of hair inspiration? We got you covered!

Look beautiful everyday with quick and easy natural hairstyles. Styles to suit the demanding lifestyle of busy women.

Afrocks connects people looking for natural hair and beauty services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals or salons. From locs twisting to braids services, Afrocks instantly matches customers with trusted professionals in cities all around the world.

4.30P.M - How Your Period Affects Your Hair

Leah Salmon - Bestselling Author, Nutritionist, Life Coach & Live Blood Analyst

Most women experience Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) before their period. Mood swings, bloating, cramping, headaches and breast tenderness are some of the symptoms.

Your hormones control everything when you are on your period... that includes your hair and scalp too.

Find out how your period affects your hair and scalp - before, during and after your menstrual cycle.

Leah knows that if we can empower women to take back control of their life and health naturally and have healthy periods, wombs & pregnancies, as the backbone of the nation, they’ll be the catalyst for global healing across the nation, so she’s dedicated her career to helping support them to achieve health, wellness and a nourished abundant life naturally.

5.30P.M - How to Use Natural Hair Extension Clip Ins to Style Your Hair

To All My Black Girls - Hair Extension Experts

To All My Black GirlsAre you interested in temporarily adding length or volume to your hair? Looking for natural looking hair extensions?

Learn different ways of styling your tresses using clip in hair extensions. You'll learn how to easily install and maintain the hair - whether installed on a short TWA or hair longer in length.

1P.M - Love Your Hair Type - Guide to Owning Your Own Hair

Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene - Equi Botanics Founder

Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene and her daughters, Danielle, 15 and Dilichi, 9 have spent the last 9 years understanding their hair, creating regimens, and embracing how they feel about their hair. They have dealt with negative comments on the school playground and have come to reconcile their curls with their friends' straight hair. They have figured out how to create hair confidence and and replace negative hair stories like 'your hair is difficult, your hair is ugly, your hair is not long.' While creating premium and ingredient-conscious haircare brand, Equi Botanics, the mother and daughters trio have learnt that while great products help, it won't replace a child knowing and loving their hair. There is no magical hair potion for that. It starts inside. While Danielle is an athlete, picking up gold medals for 100ml and 4x relay and Dilichi loves drama and starred in Amazon UK Christmas ad, they both help their mum create a lasting legacy for their haircare brand.

2P.M - Natural Skincare for Teenage Skin

Dr. Lola Akingbola - Hair and Skincare Expert

Dry skin? Oily Skin? A T-zone? Acne! Come and learn about your unique skin and how to truly care for it. You don’t need to be a skin expert to work out what’s going on with your skin. You don’t have to buy half the drugstore. Find out what to look for and where to go for exactly what your skin needs.

Dr. Lola Akingbola is a practicing Dermatologist who currently resides in the United Kingdom. Dr. Lola  is:

  • Nigerian-born medical doctor,
  • creator of,
  • author of  “8 Weeks to Longer Hair!” and “The Transitioner’s Handbook”.

3P.M FRO-UNI Fun Natural Hairstyles for Girls


4P.M - Empowering Teens: Turn Your Passions Into Profits

Abena Hagan, CEO of Curls-AuNaturel

Turn a hobby or your passion into profit. There are a few simple ways to get an early start. You are never too young to plan your future. You may not know exactly what you want to do in future, but you can play around with a few ideas. Make a list of things you’re passionate about, things you enjoy and things love.

  • Find out how you can turn your passion into your dream
  • Learn how to set goals and make a plan
  • Learn about money management
  • Learn about customer service and communication skills

Abena Hagan the founder and CEO of Curls-AuNaturel which has over 500k followers. A business she started 5 years ago on Instagram and currently has over half a million organic followers which has now become the source of her business. She has been interviewed by BET, Channel 4, and BBC to name a few in and has also been part of various workshops and events all over the UK, USA and Ghana in her quest to continue spreading self-love, self-acceptance and self-belief and knowledge on starting your own business and being successful at it. 

2018 CURLYTREATS Photo Recap

See what happened at the last Natural Afro Hair Show.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions about CURLYTREATS Natural Afro Hair Show.
We’ve got the answers.

CurlyTreats Natural Afro Hair Event at Novotel London Hammersmith will be held on the 26 October 2019. The opening times are 12 noon to 7pm. The address is Novotel London Hammersmith, Hammersmith International Ctre 1, Shortlands, London W6 8DR

The venue is just a 3-minute walk from Hammersmith Underground Station and less than 20-minutes travel from Central London, escaping the Central London Congestion Zone and it is ideally located to access all the main shopping areas. Hammersmith station operates on the Hammersmith & City line. Hammersmith Broadway Underground operates on the District and Piccadilly lines. Both these stations are located in Travelcard Zone 2.

Parking is available at the venue. Parking is charged at an hourly rate.

To exhibit at this event, apply to exhibit here. Limited spaces available.

Community tickets are FREE. Community ticket is a complimentary General Admission ticket to CURLYTREATS® community expo. Access to the natural hair, beauty and fashion exhibitors. Entry based on capacity. No re-entry. No access to scheduled activities.

Want the full experience? Conference ticket gives full access to CURLYTREATS® for £20 plus fees. Access to all main stage hair care and styling educational conference sessions. Access to the natural hair, beauty and fashion exhibitors. Guaranteed re-entry. Event bag. Access to scheduled activities.

Conference ticket are guaranteed re-entry into the event.

Community ticket holders are not guaranteed re-entry into the event.

Tickets are non-refundable. Please ensure you are happy to book before securing your ticket.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ What an amazing event! Fantastic selection of products, advice, workshops and talks. It was so informative, I came away feeling so empowered! Can't wait for next year's event!
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Nice to attend a hair festival that celebrates natural hair. If you’re newly natural it’s such an empowering event. Can’t believe I only found out about it this year!


What Customers Said...

They love it. Here are just some of what the previous visitors had to say!


The event was very well organised. It showcased professionals that had a wealth of knowledge which they happily shared.It hosted a large selection of natural organic hair companies that were passionate in growing the black market and businesses.There were also some talented artists and jewellers which had some great pieces of work. Great selection of workshops and seminars so you were able to gain knowledge and still enjoy your self. Lovely atmosphere,which allowed me saunter through without feeling tense. l would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to gain knowledge, purchase great products whilst integrating with their community. Can't wait to come again!! Blessings to all the promoters. Keep up your great work
Definitely enjoyed it. First time attending and will be back next year. Congrats to all those involved and to you Shirvina. Hard work was worth it.

Diane Richards

You got to let people know when they’ve done a job well done. You never brighten your own light by trying to dim the light of others. I had to let this talented woman know how fantastic her event was yesterday, even if it did mean waking up at 5am. 😫 It was so beautiful to see all the support & all the vendors at yesterday’s @CurlyTreatsFest. If you missed it, you missed out big time. Shirvina & your team, I cannot sing your praises enough on such an amazing event.

Butterflyy Bliss

Thanks for a fabulous day with great ideas saw some amazingly beautiful black women rocking amazing natural hairstyles
Dee Bells

Dee Bells

Thank you all for organising, cannot wait for the next event . Great program, it was so needed and awesome, my 4 year old daughter loved it.
Shameika Nikai Eccleston

Shameika Nikai Eccleston

Bigger and better than last year, Well done and thank you!
Yve Yve

Yve Yve

Thank you for organising a great event. I will be back...I have already reordered some of the skincare products that I bought as I love them so much.
Diane Kidd

Diane Kidd

I just want to say a massive big up and thank you to the one that is Shirvina, Director of CurlyTreats Fest and her team for allowing me to organise the fashion show and deliver a workshop on 'Dressing For Your Body Shape' at her fabulous event. What a great turn out, what a great atmosphere, what a great team. The vendors, models and volunteers all coming together for the greater good. Sisterhood at its best on so many levels. Girl I salute you. Much love Yves 😘

Yvonne Phillip

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand at CurlyTreats Fest and attended our workshop on styling kids’ hair and our Q&A session on miseducation of afro hair! We had an incredible time meeting you and chatting all things natural hair! 😍 Can you believe we completely sold out of Smooth and Sheen before the end of the event 🤣


Had an amazing time yesterday at CurlyTreats Fest teaching a children’s workshop, doing some live painting and selling some of my creations… It was lovely meeting so many wonderful people.

Cherelle Morris

Shouts out to Shirvina and team for a successful and well-organized event!

Bourn Beautiful

An event not to be miss. So much love and knowledge and greatness in one place. Make sure u make it next year. Don’t miss out! CurlyTreats Fest.

Missy Bee London

Well done for another successful CurlyTreats Festival. This was my first time and it was a great opportunity to experience all of black excellence, support independent brands and network with like minded people.

Dominique Lescott

The event was absolutely amazing. Had such a great time meeting and talking with all the wonderful woman...We had great discussions on all related to womb health to yoni steaming, Yoni eggs, menstrual health, motherhood, self-care, pregnancy, birth, teenage health, crystals. I tell you, we all had something to learn and share which is how is should be, right?


Had the most amazing time at CurlyTreats Festival. An amazing UK forum for Black-Owned Businesses, catering for skin, hair, cultural and lots of other beautiful things. Skin & hair right up my street! So many amazing business owners and products!

Eugenia Shaw

We’ve had a whale of a time at CurlyTreats Fest and to crown it all we’ve won three CurlyTreats Excellence Awards for Best Moisturiser for our Curl Activator Cream and Best Conditioner for our Sulphate Free Hydrating Conditioner and our brand ambassador and educator #AnastasiaChikezie won the Best Hairstylist. Thank you all for voting for us!

Cantu Beauty

Thank you to the awesome Shirvina for creating this platform to reach and teach others.

Dayna Byfield

CurlyTreats Festival 2018 was an absolute blast!

The Curly Closet

I met the most motivating and wonderful people #CurlyTreatsFestival and I’m just so thankful I can share my journey with you guys and spread a positive message that I think we all need sometimes. I hope all attendees were inspired and enjoyed the #CurlyTreats Festival.

Hannah The Amputee, Lifestyle blogger

We won the #CurlyTreatsFest Influencer of the year award! Thank you to everyone who voted for us, we truly appreciate each and everyone of you! It's such an honour to be recognised! We do this for our people✊🏽 WE LOVE YOU ALL!


A big shout to Shirvina on the massive success of the 2018 London - CurlyTreats Fest: UK's Natural Hair & Beauty Event. It great to see such an expanse of excellence amongst the black hair and beauty community. Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media's Adrian Chambers (Ace Of Jacks) & Leeman Robinson (Senior Nobleman) were honoured to be part of momentous event and meet such inspiring people. We hope we provided the right vibe. Congrats to all the award winners. Roll on 2019.
Ace of Jacks

Ace Of Jacks

I just want to congratulate Shirvina for putting on a beautiful event. There was vendors from all over the vibes was amazing if you were there, I'm sure you didn't leave empty handed.

Butterfly Hairstyles

Krista Carnegie

Had an amazing time yesterday CurlyTreats Fest with Influencers of the Year Curlture Such a fab event by Shirvina
The place to be today! #CurlyTreatsLondon - It's lovely and refreshing seeing so many natural styles together with us celebrating the diversity of our hair and styles. I'm lovin' it!

Beautifully Fawmed


CurlyTreats Fest thank you for another year of hairstories.
Lidiaana Gh

Lidiaana Gh

Thank you soooooo much for and my ‘Shégitu - Sensual Dance for Ladies’ Queens had the best time of our lives. Your staff, the location, the vibes, the people...everything was 100%...thank you and all the best to you.
Charmaine Simpson

Charmaine Simpson

Had a great time spending and networking with my big sister Delphia. Saw some people I hadn't seen in ages. Well done Shirvina!

Butterflyy Bliss

Queen well done on such a successful event. It’s the first time I’ve done CurlyTreats & had never heard about it before, but I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to be a vendor again next year or be at any other event you are hosting. No wonder it was a sellout event. The whole concept is amazing. Your organisation, understanding & attention to detail was A1 & professional from your initial email to me to the very end of the event yesterday.
I wanted to personally thank you for enabling this opportunity - it was a really busy, lively and such fun day out for both the visitors and vendors! Long day but so worth it. It was a great opportunity for me to meet in person some customers who support my brand and also make new ones too. We were practically sold out of goods at the end of the day! Thanks again for organising this essential festival.

Nicola Lespeare

Natasha Edwards

Tasha'sChic Boutique
I had a brilliant day and I look forward to next year's event.
It was really nice to see such a positive event and meet so many new vendors. Thank you for the goody bag too.

Cacherel Jules

The event was a such a great turnout and it was good to see people who were happy to support black businesses all in one location. The level of organisation was spectacular and your assistance was provided when needed, considering how busy you were you still had time for your customers, its much appreciated. A massive thank you and well done.

Rashida Mtungi

Thank you greatly for putting on such a brilliant event. I loved every minute of it of playing such a significant part in it. It was such an awesome experience. I have heard nothing but praise from those who attended and many people were saying how you should make this a regular event, even every 6 months. Your hand picked team of volunteers and coordinators were an absolute pleasure to work with and each one was inspiring in their own unique way. You are a true inspiration to many and exude the characteristics of a humble leader who is building a growing empire that serves and educates many. I will continue to support CurlyTreats Festival and all of your future events that you have in the pipeline. You rock.

Grace Nelson

1 Less Stress Connect
CurlyTreats was a very informative and friendly event. I would recommend to all women with natural hair and will be going back.


As someone who has done event planning, I am sometimes hard to impress but it was a pleasure to attend this event for the curly community. The programme had something for everyone with high quality speakers, workshops and exhibitors. I can't wait until next year!

Marva Carty

CurlyTreats Fest is a great opportunity to shop with independent businesses as well as bigger brands. It was educational and empowering to be surrounded by like-minded people.

Dominique Lescott

Everything I needed to know about natural black hair and how to care for it was there! Great workshops, great stalls to buy products.Even having discounted prices compared to shops. Samples to try and buy next time. Accessories and clothes to buy. A real 'treat'. A definite date to mark in your calendar, annually.


Did I tell you I had fun! I really had fun with all the awesome music being placed all day.

Simply Go Natural Cosmetics

The event was very interesting lots of helpful tips and advice for natural hair maintenance. Would recommend that you grab your tickets early though as they sell out fast. Nice event.