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This July, CurlyTreats Festival returns to the ILEC Conference Centre in London. Bringing you the best in natural hair and lifestyle activities, join expert talks & workshops, conversations with influencers, Curls On The Runway mini fashion shows, and quality popup shops.

This is a day of empowerment, entertainment and excellence at its best, and we can’t wait to see you there!

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Confirmed Brands at CurlyTreats London 2018

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CurlyTreats London Floorplan

CurlyTreats Natural Hair Festival - 2018 Floorplan

Experts & Influencers

Nayoka Oware

Media Personality

Media personality, Nayoka is a Journalism graduate & former Miss Ghana UK runner-up who hosted The London City Show on ABN Radio & the co-host of radio show Prime Time on Afrobeat 94FM. She is also the founder of The Journey. Nayoka was named one of the most Inspirational Women of 2017 in The Voice Newspaper.

Cherelle Morris

Artist, Brushstroke Art

Brushstroke Art is led by London based artist and creative Cherelle Morris. Cherelle is active in the local grassroots arts community. She experiments with different ways to express black womanhood and afro futurism on canvas. Cherelle has exhibited at the Diaspora Dialogue exhibition, The JJC Handbook book launch as well as various women's empowerment events in London.

Claudine Thornhill

Holistic & Naturopathic Nutritionist

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Claudine is a true believer in the power of all of us to create the lives we want. Claudine promotes the benefits of leading healthy, vibrant & thriving lives but also the means of creating that life through holistic & tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice & support.

Sal Baxter

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Root2tip

Joycelyn Mate & Rachael Corson

Award-winning Natural Hair Brand Afrocenchix

Leah Salmon

The Naturally You Coach

The Naturally You Coach, a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist & life coach, focusing on the needs of black women and mothers.

Claire Martin

AS I AM Naturally Educator & Hairstylist

Fully qualified salon-based hairdresser in all textures of hair & hair educator within the naturally curly hair industry. If not in the salon, Claire is conducting hair and scalp analysis’ and educating the masses about healthy hair care in the UK, Paris, Rotterdam or Africa as well as regularly orchestrating creative photo shoots or hairstyling during London Fashion Week for up and coming designers. Nominated for a Black Beauty Award in 2013, winner of the Hair club live open chair competition 2016. Currently building a YouTube channel to bring the knowledge of healthy trendy haircare. So let’s see what 2018 will bring.

Stephanie Sey


Stephanie Sey is a Trichologist with first-hand experience of hair loss at the age of 14. Stephanie decided she wanted to make it her mission to help others who were suffering from hair loss & scalp issues so she undertook training with the Institute of Trichologist 5 years ago.

Dayna Byfield

Financial Wellness Expert

A financial wellness and education practitioner. Inspired by her own journey to financial freedom. From teenage motherhood, homelessness, through to entrepreneurship and wealth ness. This inspirational speaker brings personal finance wellness concepts to life. Giving it to you straight, no chaser. Get ready for fun filled, impactful, life changing session.

Uduak Udondem

Birth Doula, Arvigo practitioner + Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Empowering Women on their Journey to Wellness & Balance. Uduak's holistic practice caters to the wellness and nurturing of women to bring balance and harmony to their lives. She is passionate about encouraging women to embrace their changing bodies so they can thrive and heal during those changes. Uduak is a qualified and certified in Pregnancy and Arvigo Therapy Mayan massage.

Yvonne Phillip

Personal Stylist and Career Coach

Yvonne Phillip aka Yves is a Personal Stylist and Career Coach, Lifestylist for short. With over 25 years’ experience of developing people in the world of work in the corporate, charity and creative sectors she is a dynamic speaker, trainer and mentor. With an innate sense of personal style and a personal passion for image and fashion she retrained as a Personal Stylist on 2016 allowing her to now provide clients with a 360% approach to life and career development which includes mind, body and style.

Abena Hagan

Curls Au Naturel


Make-up Artist

Dionne Smith

Award-Winning Hairstylist

Award-Winning Hairstylist Dionne Smith is an international phenomenon sought after by the likes of Tennis Athlete Venus Williams, Nollywood star Genevieve Nnaji, publications such as OK! Magazine, Blackhair Magazine, Black Beauty Magazine plus many more. Dionne is also known as an International Educator, working with brands to teach and educate hairstylists all over the world. Dionne has a creative mind and is about to creatively direct photo shoots and campaigns to enhance your brand.

Shirvina Best

CurlyTreats Founder & Award Winning Influencer of the Year

As one of the most celebrated natural hair and beauty entrepreneurs in the UK. Shirvina challenges traditional beauty standards. Her contributions help to redefine the meaning of beauty in the UK. There is diversity in beauty - recognition of the difference in age, race, culture and gender is a must. In February 2018, Shirvina won the 'Influencer of the Year' Award at the Black Beauty & Fashion Awards. The award acknowledges Shirvina's valuable contributions to the industry and entrepreneurial spirit.

Abi Osho

Wellness Consultant & Author of Nature's Medicine Cabinet for the Soul

Dr Lola Akingbola

Skin Care Expert

Kesha Williams

Award-winning Best Cosmetics ColorBlend


Loctician and Natural Hair Specialist

Teldra is a renowned Salon Owner, Loctician and Natural Hair Specialist, having developed intricate styling techniques for all lengths and thickness of locs. Healthy hair and scalps is her mantra, and her nurturing processes keep natural hair and locks nourished, groomed and maintained to look and feel their best. She will be giving free Consultations demonstrating how to Start, Maintain and Style Locs with the NEW Design Essentials Scalp and Skin Care Collection and other item from the Design Essentials Natural Range.

Aaron Andall

Personal Trainer

With over 10 years experience, Aaron is a personal trainer with the skill and expertise to get you your desired results. He is also a fitness model and pro competitor that's strives continually improve his fitness and lifestyle as well as his clients.His approach has been formulated by finding the most effective exercises, combined with stringent emphasis on technique and execution together with a strong emphasis nutrition to not only change you for the better physically, but mentally completely refining your lifestyle. Aaron specialises in weight loss & defintion, HIIT, hypertrophy, boxing, sport specific training (e.g skiing) and anti Gravity yoga.

TJ Beckford

Personal Trainer

TJ trains his clients as he trains myself. TJ believes there are no secrets or hidden formulas when achieving personal health and fitness goals. It involves determination, hard work and consistence. Train your mind, challenge your body. Key Specialism: Level 3 Personal Trainer Boxing Instructor Award Strength Condition Weight Training Fat Loss HIIT Training Core Training

Tamera Ashaye

Personal Trainer

Having over 19 years experience in the field of health and fitness, Tamara Ashaye has always held a strong passion, not only for reaching her own fitness goals, but more importantly, helping others to reach theirs. From toddlers to teenagers, to adults to the elderly, Tamara has coached a variety of individuals, supporting them to achieve their goals.


Natural Hair Bloggers

Anastasia Chikezie

Natural Hair Stylist & Cantu's Hair Educator

Anastasia Chikezie is the founder of PURELY NATURAL one of the first and finest natural hair salons to open in the UK with a host of celebrity clients. The first branch was opened 24 years ago, June 1990 to be exact! Because of her extensive knowledge in natural hair she was asked to work on the expert working panel for HABIA helping to write the new NVQ qualification in Afro hairdressing, for natural hair.

Stephen Debellotte

Natural Hair Stylist & Design Essentials Hair Educator

Stephen Debellotte is an experienced Hair Stylist and Healthy Hair Advocate, specialising in Multi Textural Hair. Maintaining the integrity of the hair is paramount and he revels in his role with Design Essentials as this affords him the opportunity to do so. His Presentation will revive comfort in Heat Styling, offering a Zero Damage Solution with the NEW Agave & Lavender Blow Dry and Silk press System.

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CurlyTreats London Schedule Of The Day

10:00 AM

Doors Open + Registration + Start Exploring

Empower - Main Stage Sessions

Engage -vWorkshops for Adults

Educate - Workshops for Parents & Children

Explore - Pop-ups & Mini-Talks

Energy - Fitness Workouts

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Hosted By Nayoka Oware

Curls On The Runway Sponsored By Yvonne Phillip Lifestyle (20 Mins)

Hair Care: Q&A With Hair Loss Expert, Stephanie Sey (30 Mins)


Wellness: Replace Your Medicine Cabinet With Plant-based Medicines. Learn About the Power of Natural Medicine and How to Become the Healer in their Own Home. Workshop by Abi Osho (45 Mins)


Creative: Little Brushes Children's Art.

An Empowerment Session With Cherelle Morris, Brushstroke Art (90 Mins)


Explore hair & beauty, fashion & accessories, health & wellness, and children's product and services throughout the day. Talks at CurlyTreats Exhibit from 12 noon.


Mobility & Flexibility Workout With Personal Trainer, Aaron Andall

He'll Focus on Getting You To Move & Feel Better Through Exercise. (30 Minutes)

12:00 AM - 13:00 PM

Shégitu Dance Performance: Unleash Your Inner Queen (20 Mins)

No Fear, No Damage - Heat Styling Solution for Natural Hair by Stephen Debellotte. Sponsored by Design Essentials

Curls on the Runway. Sponsored by Yvonne Phillip Lifestyle (20 Mins)

Hair Styling: Loving Your Hair With Style - Versatility of Natural Hair With International Hair Stylist, Dionne Smith.

Sponsored by Revlon Realistic (45 Mins)

Home Workouts 101: Get Creative, Get Results With Fitness Experts.

Aaron Andall, Tamara Ashaye + TJ Beckford (30 Mins)

13:00 PM - 14:00 PM

Hair Care:
How Does Food Affect Hair Health?

Sponsored by Cantu (30 Mins)

Skin Care: Taking Care of Melanin Skin Tones.

Workshop By Dr Lola Akingbola
 (45 Mins)

Hair Styling For Parents & Children: Quick Diy Styles for Primary School Children.

Workshop By Afrocenchix (45 Mins)

Hair Styling: Long & Luxe Hair Demos.

Sponsored By AS I AM Naturally (30 Mins)

Abs Workout With Tamara Ashaye

(30 Minutes -
Starts At 1:30 PM)

14:00 PM - 15:00 PM

Hair Care: Miseducation of Afro Hair. Education Talk + Q&A Session With Black Beauty & Fashion 'Best Natural Hair Brand' Award Winner - Afrocenchix (45 Mins)

Hair Care: How To Turn Dry Hair to Healthy Hair With Curlture.

Workshop Sponsored by Palmer's (45 Mins)

Hair Styling For Parents & Children: Quick DIY Styles for Tweens By Anastasia Chikezie.

Sponsored by Cantu (45 Mins)

Yoni V. Steaming - What, Why, When & Where?

Talk With Arvigo Practitioner, Birth Doula & Pregnancy Massage Therapist - Uduak Udondem (30 Mins)

15:00 PM - 16:00 PM

Financial Wellness + Cryptocurrency.

Talk Includes Financial Expert, Dayna Byfield (45 Mins)

Health: Diabetes, Prevention Is Better Than a Cure Workshop With Claudine Thornhill, NT (Dip. CNM), mBANT, mNAA, rCNHC
Holistic & Naturopathic Nutritionist (45 Mins)

Inspire: Vision Boarding for Children.

Workshop With Leah Salmon, Naturally You Coach (45 Mins)

Hair Care: Long & Luxe Hair Demos.

Sponsored by as I Am Naturally (30 Mins)

High Intensity: a Fast Paced Workout That Will Push You to Your Strength and Cardiovascular Limits. Workout by TJ Beckford (30 Minutes From 3:30 PM)

16:00 PM - 17:00 PM

Influential Women Shaping the UK Natural Hair Business With Founders of CurlyTreats, Afrocenchix & Root2tip (45 Mins)

Makeup: How to Choose the Right Makeup for Melanin Skin Tones - Find Out The Shades of Beauty Live on the day! Workshop by Colorblend. (45 Mins)

Mother & Daughter Change-a-hairstory By Sal & Heaven Baxter, Founder of Root2Tip & Black Beauty & Fashion Awards 'Entrepreneur
 Of The Year' Winner. (45 Mins)

Health: Benefits of Bentonite Clay.

Sonia Barnet of Oooh Skincare (30 Mins)

Hips, Glutes & Lower Body Conditioning Workshop By Tamara Ashaye. Great for Toning Legs & Bums! (30 Mins at 4.30 PM)

17:00 PM - 18:00 PM

CurlyTreats Excellence Awards (30 Mins)

Celebrating Natural Hair & Beauty Excellence in the UK.

Balancing Hormones Naturally - the Menopause Journey With Abi Osho.

Include Stages of Menopause, Peri-menopause and Post-menopause (45 Mins)

Creative Writing & Storytelling With Abena Hagan of Curls Au-naturel (45 Mins)

Never Too Late To Start Learning Again: Higher Education

Juilet Ryan of Working Action Group (30 Mins)

18:00 PM - 19:00 PM

Style: Dress for Your Body Shape With Yvonne Phillip Lifestyle. Learn How to Find Your Body Shape & What Are the Clothes Will Compliment You (45 Mins).

Mobility & Flexibility Workout With Personal Trainer, Aaron Andall. Increase Your Range of Motion Simultaneously With Improving Strength and Conditioning. (30 Minutes)

19:00 PM

Love, Peace & Goodbyes Until Next Time!

Eat & Drink

We love authentic African food. We love original Caribbean food. Introducing cultural food at CurlyTreats Festival in London. Brought to you by Food Junkee Van.

Cultural Music

Brought to you by Ace Of Jacks Entertainments & Media. Broadcasting live to listeners globally, Ace of Jacks provides a rich diet of Afrobeats, R&B, Hip-Hop & Soul.

Dance Performance

Shégitu is a form of dance for Women of all sizes.
Shégitu helps Women embrace their femininity and make them feel empowered.

Questions & Answers

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CurlyTreats Festival London will be held on Saturday 28th July 2018. The venue is located at 47 Lillie Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1UD. Doors open at 10 am to ILEC Conference Centre Earl’s Court, the event will run to around 7 pm.

You can travel to the event by Road, London Underground, National Rail or Air:

  • By Road - The venue is located 1/4 mile from the A4, providing easy access to the M4, M5 and M40.
  • By London Underground - Take the District Line to West Brompton (2-minute walk) or the Piccadilly Line to Earls Court (10 min walk).
  • By National Rail - Midland and Southern trains as well as the London overground all stop at West Brompton (2-minute walk).
  • By Air - Heathrow and Gatwick airports are only 30 minutes away by car and city airport is a 45-minute drive to the venue.

We recommend using public transport.

You’ll need to buy a ticket before the event. No need to print your ticket/confirmation email. Your name will be on our attendee list at the entrance, show your e-ticket on your mobile device or bring photo ID to gain access. We accept passports, UK driver’s licenses or provisional licenses. Children aged 12 and under attend for free with any ticket holder over the age of 18. Children who look older than 12 must bring photo ID.

Yes! For more information or assistance, please emails

Under-12s Go Free. We’ve created a dedicated space to uplift & help build the confidence of young children at the festival. Anyone 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult (18+) who have purchased a ticket to attend CurlyTreats Festival. Photo ID required for children.

A: Yes, there will be African Caribbean Food & Drinks available CurlyTreats Natural Hair Festival in London. We’ve got you covered!

Yes, you’ll be given a wristband on entry. You can re-entry the festival as and when you like.

To transfer your ticket, login to your Eventbrite account and go to the tickets section to make the transfer. One person admitted per ticket.

All ticket purchases are final. No refunds are given.

We’re glad you are interested in working together. please email and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

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The talks were really inspiring and would encourage anyone to take the time out to attend. Lots of variety of natural hair products and accessories. Amazing African outfits and custom jewellery were on sale. Can't wait for the next Exhibition.

Olivette F.

A wonderful positive, culturally relevant event, with lots of information and products.

Enomwoyi D.

Sandra W.

Great festival to showcase how to care for curly/natural beauty!
It was a brilliant day well organised, good programme events for the day.

Sara T.

Gillian W.

Thank you so much CurlyTreats for a wonderful Festival with lots of advice and great stalls! We'll definitely be there next year.

Valentina M.

Great event with like-minded people.
I enjoyed this event so much! There was so much to do and buy and I loved how it celebrated natural hair. Can't wait to buy my ticket for next year!!

Cheryll F.

Sandra M.

Great festival. So much maybe too much to see but all good.
Excellent showcase of good quality African haircare products and African style jewellery, accessories and garments which we were able to buy. There were also businesses there that were targeting health and wellbeing and dietary issues specific to the African race as a whole. Thoroughly enjoyed the day celebrating our natural hair and supporting the businesses. Eagerly looking forward to the next one!

Marcia J.

“I loved the fact that we received so many product samples and not just leaflets about products. I loved the range of product stands available and it wasn't just dominated by the big brands. I am an avid supporter of small businesses and 'natural' hair and skin care products. There was a genuine buzz about the place people were friendly and informative.


Seeing various ladies with their natural hair out was very inspiring! The hair demonstrations were helpful. There were also some great exhibition stands so got some really lovely products.



I enjoyed the whole event. In particular I found the information on how to care for hair very useful.

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