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Come and join us at the next CURLYTREATS Festival. Taking place on Saturday, 15 October, this one-day Festival celebrates Black History Month UK.

The theme is Black Hair Stories. From the Windrush Era to today, we will explore the history and beauty of afro hair and Black cultural hairstyles from the Motherland. Afro-textured hair is tightly curly hair, also known as natural hair.

We believe in the power of Sankofa, which encourages us to learn from the past and use it as inspiration for our future endeavors. With the migration of Caribbean people to England during the Windrush era, the country has become more diverse, but not necessarily more inclusive.

Ridiculing the identity of Black people, including our afro hair and cultural hairstyles – negatively impacts the experiences of Black people in society. It happens so often that the term’ hair discrimination’ was coined to explain such experiences.

Nevertheless, we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of our afro-textured hair as an alternative form of resistance.

Join us at the next CURLYTREATS Festival. Join us as we embrace and celebrate Black hair, history and heritage through hair care seminars, hairstyling classes, educational workshops, engaging conversations, film screenings and more.

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What's On

Hair Care Programme

Do you have an interest in making natural hair products? Take part in this workshop to learn how to make your own natural hair care product from scratch using a whisk in one hand and positive vibes all around. Paris will provide step-by-step instructions and explain the ingredients used to prepare your product. No prior knowledge or experience is required for this workshop.  Materials and equipment will be provided. 

About Paris Reveira

Paris Reveira is a Certified Organic Product Formulator, IAT (International Association of Trichologists) Certified Hair Practitioner and the Founder of That Good Hair. That Good Hair believes healthy hair is good hair – and offers haircare products containing ingredients that will help your hair thrive.

Learn why putting a hair strand in water isn’t the best way to determine porosity. Join Trichologist Enitan Agidee for a scientific perspective on hair porosity. Porosity refers to how well the hair responds to ingredients such as water and it also refers to how damaged the hair is. Learn why putting a hair strand in water isn’t the best way to determine porosity. During this session, Trichologist Enitan will explain how to properly identify the porosity of your hair and how to care for your hair.

About Enitan Agidee

Enitan is a professional trichologist specialising in the study of afro hair and scalp. She founded Healthy Hair Studio in 2014. 

Is your hair prone to breaking? If yes, do you know what prevents you from growing and maintaining healthy hair? While hair breakage is no doubt one of the biggest barriers to growing longer hair, if you do not understand the reason for it, your hair will continue to suffer. In this session, Althea Hamilton, IAT (International Association of Trichologists) Certified Hair Practitioner and founder of BIG Nanny’s Hair Products will present a common sense approach to effectively growing healthy hair while also maintaining length.

Arts & Culture Programme

As Fiona guides you through the process of creating a Black Hair Zine, we will discuss black hair, discrimination, and texturism. The goal of this workshop is to foster confidence and a journey of self-appreciation through intergenerational conversations and hair stories. Materials and equipment are provided, and no prior experience is required.

About Fiona Quadri 

Originally from Brussels, Fiona Quadri currently resides in London. Identity, race, and queer BIPOC communities are the focus of her work. The Black Cultural Archives awarded her second place for ‘Windrush Waves Youth Arts’ in 2021. 

We will provide you with full information shortly.

Join Lydia, a multidisciplinary artist, for a fun and educational workshop focusing on natural ingredients used in preparing Black hair care products. We will begin the session by sharing lived experiences of plants for black hair before designing and creating beautiful lino prints. Each participant will be able to create a small print using water-based ink and soft linolean paper. This workshop requires no prior knowledge or experience, and all materials and equipment are provided. 

About Lydia Julien

The narratives in Lydia Julian’s work are intertwined with personal, gathered, or abstract memories concerning race, gender, and culture. 

Windrush Generation Exhibition

An exhibition entitled “The Windrush Generation Exhibition” will display previously unseen pictures of the Windrush generation.

Statement from Vinna Best:

My maternal and paternal grandparents moved to help rebuild Britain after World War 2.

Post-war, Britain lacked the workers to rebuild its weakened economy. Britain invited mostly Caribbean people to work in different sectors. Sectors included construction, manufacturing, public health & transport.

The first Windrush ship arrived from the Caribbean on 22 June 1948. Between 1948 and 1970, nearly half a million people legally moved from the Caribbean to Britain.

My maternal grandfather arrived first from Grenada. Later, my maternal grandmother travelled from Grenada to England. She cried “often” because she missed her children left behind in Grenada. One by one, my mother, her siblings, and other relatives came to England.

At the time, Caribbean people were automatically British subjects being part of the Commonwealth – they were free to live and work in the UK permanently. Documents were not required upon entry nor given since their right to stay was automatic.

Without the Windrush generation, Britain would not have restored its economy or be as diverse as it is today, paving the way for further immigration.

Film Screening Programme

Black History Studies in collaboration with the Independent Cinema Office (ICO) presents ‘Black Britain on Film’, a series of archive films from all over the UK available to the British public for the first time.

This series of archive films provides an excellent opportunity to explore the vital history of Black Britain during the last century. In this little-known collection of footage spanning the years 1901 to 1985, there is a wide variety of footage from across the country. Film screenings in this programme provide opportunities to explore stories of migration, community, and also the struggle against inequality, while also celebrating Black British culture and life.

Films in this programme:

• Miners Leaving Pendlebury Colliery (1901)
• Hull Fair (1902)
• For the Wounded (1915)
• From Trinidad to Serve the Empire (1916)
• Hello! West Indies (1943)
• Mining Review 2nd Year No. 11 (1949)
• To the Four Corners (1957)
• Black Special Constable (1964)
• Black Police Officers (1966)
• Cold Railway Workers (1963)
• Nigerian Wedding in Cornwall (1964)
• Coloured School Leavers (1965)
• Liverpool 8 (1972)
• Blood Ah Go Run (1982)
• The Jah People (1981)
• Grove Carnival (1981)

Literary Programme.

In Partnership With Black and Kulture 

This part of the festival features Black-women authors who will discuss various issues and topics, including feminism today, single Black women, how Black hairstyles influence and shape mainstream culture, and improving your finances. Be part of the conversations!

A session dedicated to younger visitors hosted by the self-published author; Marva Carty. Join Marva for a read-along and creative craft session around her Caribbean adventure.

In September 2021 Saskia Calliste & Zainab Raghdo published a book challenging the stigma around black hair. The project collated interviews from 30+ accomplished Black women, including MP Dawn Butler, comedian Angie Le Mar, entrepreneur Anastasia Chikezie, historian Stella Dadzie, and popstar Jamelia. Some of the world’s most inspiring black women spoke about their attitudes to, and struggles with, their crowning glory.

With an overview of the politics and history of black hair, the book explores how black hairstyles have played a part in the fight for social justice and the promotion of black culture while inspiring us to challenge outdated notions of beauty, gender and sexuality for young women and girls everywhere.

“Hairvolution shares the stories of 31 influential Black women and puts a spotlight on their hair journey. Come along to feel empowered, uplifted and unified. Come along to break down barriers, stereotypes and intergenerational trauma as we bring you a true celebration of Black hair in ALL its crowning glory. “

Lisa Bent is a writer of Jamaican descent from South London. Her work examines the inner self work required to heal and thrive. Her degree in Counselling influences her writing style and she champions the continuous journey of self-exploration. Her book; Symona’s Still Single explores the journey of Symona Brown. After being consciously single for a number of years, Symona is ready to jump back into the dating arena and this time, she knows who she is and what she wants. But will the hard lessons she learned guide her to the love she desires? Whether you are a wanna-be author or you’re single looking for love, Lisa’s session will leave you feeling more empowered.

Bola Sol is a Mathematics and Finance graduate who found passion in women coming together to discuss money matters. She created the platform called Refined Currency in 2015 and its sister company Rich Girl Chronicles. Bola is the co-host of The Last Three Digits podcast, host of web series The Bola Sol show and leads weekly chats on social media about money. She’s been featured on the BBC, Stylist Magazine and Refinery 29. Through one conversation at a time, she wants to help build more financial confidence in everyone. Bola’s session will leave you with a deeper understanding of why you do what you do with your money which will help you make changes for the better.

Yolanda Toussaint, widely known for having an unwavering voice on key issues such as Imperfect Parenting. Yolanda’s unapologetic confidence to share her truth has made her a dynamic thought leader among Women of today.

Yolanda’s session will leave women; understanding the importance of self-care/love. Knowing we are not our biggest mistakes and feeling empowered to make necessary changes.

Event Background

In 2013, Vinna Best recognised the need to organise in-person events focused on empowering women and girls with curly / afro hair.

In 2007, Vinna shaved off her chemically straightened hair and allowed her afro hair to grow back. However, she faced several challenges at the time, including a lack of:

• afro hair care education and styling techniques.

• afro hair products with healthy ingredients.

Vinna attended mainstream beauty events but was disappointed by the lack of diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, she attended Black beauty events, but was disappointed by the lack of representation of afro hair. Consequently, Vinna Best launched the first series of afro hair events nationwide in 2013. Over the past nine years, the festival has attracted both national and international visitors.

CURLYTREATS Festival aims to help visitors:

• learn how to care for and style natural afro hair,

• be confident wearing natural afro hair with pride,

• teach children and parents that natural afro hair is beautiful,

• get direct access to natural hair brands

As of May 2022, CURLYTREATS Festival has become a part of Dear Black Women and Girls CIC.

Why Do We Celebrate Black History Month UK 2022?

CURLYTREATS Festival takes place during Black History Month (BHM). This October marks the 35th year of BHM in the UK.

BHM is celebrated every October to recognise Black Brits’ social, economic, cultural, and political achievements, raise awareness of discrimination and bias, and inspire and empower us to take action for equality.

The annual month-long celebration includes:

• learning more about Black history & Black British culture in general,

• paying tribute and sharing historical experiences of Black Brits,

• recognising the contributions of living Black Brits to British society,

• Black-owned & allied organisations that are creating positive change,

• introducing children & young adults to positive exemplars who are Black.

Who started Black History Month in UK?

Ghanian analyst and activist Akyaaba Addai-Sebo introduced the concept of BHM in the UK. The first celebration of BHM was in October 1987, which marked the 150th anniversary of the Caribbean emancipation of enslaved people.

Join us on Saturday 15 October 2022, at Novotel West Convention & Exhibition Centre, come and share your Black hair story!

Pop-up Shops

This is an excellent opportunity for you to exhibit your products and services at the UK’s natural hair festival, CURLYTREATS Festival. This event will take place during the UK’s Black History Month, Saturday, 15 October 2022, giving you a chance to connect with attendees and share your product or service with them. Interested in exhibiting?

Where To Find Us.

This year’s festival will take place at Novotel West Convention Centre in London, one of the most prestigious convention venues in the city. The venue is wheelchair accessible; if you require additional assistance, please contact us

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