Yoga Therapy By Ebony
Guide to Poses, Sequences & Tips

Ebony Flow Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual and a self-discipline therapy that includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation. Join our light yoga sequences, foundational yoga poses, and get answers to your questions about the basics of yoga. Build strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper at CurlyTreats Fest.

Coming from a background of dance, Ebony is passionate about creative movement and specialises in teaching Vinyasa Flow. Her classes focus on linking the breath with movement to calm the mind, whilst building strength and flexibility.

Ebony's teaching style is very inclusive as she strives to make her classes accessible and fun for everyone regardless of their level of fitness or flexibility. She creates a safe space for students to move, play and have a go so expect challenging variations and modifications to suit all levels. Expect mellow tunes, no jargon and good vibes!

Energy Boosting Foods: Plant Based Nutrition

Amaeze Madukah - Clinical Nutrition, AfN Registered Associate Nutritionist, Former Product/Consumer Researcher

Research shows that a diet high in fruits and vegetables is linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

This workshop will help you find a healthy balance to thrive. If you are considering eating more plant based meals, or already on a plant based diet and want to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need, this workshop is for you. Topics covered in the workshop:

Key things to consider when following a plant based lifestyle

Creating a balanced plate

Common health myths and frequently asked questions

Simple plant based meals and snack ideas

Amaeze is a Registered Associate Nutritionist. As well as individual consultations, Amaeze also works with bigger audiences for both private and corporate clients. With a master’s degree in clinical nutrition she has a passion for inclusive wellness, encourages people to foster a healthy relationship with food and is on a mission to make health clearer and accessible for all.

Dance Your Way To Fitness

Belinda Raji

Everyone has an inner dancer, that dancer that breaks out when you hear "that song", that dancer that breaks out when you're in the car, or when you're doing the housework. Come and release your inner dancer at Sweat 2 The Beat, a dance fitness class where you can feel the beat, break out, SMILE, LAUGH and no one judges you.


Belinda Raji is a qualified Exercise Instructor who specialises in dance fitness. Her effervescent smile, passion and energy whilst delivering classes keeps class attendees coming back for more.

Belinda has developed her own unique class called Sweat 2 The Beat, where you are encouraged to release your inner dancer. Her classes provide a
safe place to let loose, dance, smile and laugh in a judgment free environment.

Belinda has taught in many gyms and is currently teaching in a PureGym™ in South East London and she also delivers a weekly class community class.

Fit and Fabulous

Annette Abrams-Brooks

Certified Natural Health Professional, Wellness Consultant, International Marathon Runner, Master Bikini Pro, ISA Body Finalist

Health is much more than the absence of illness. As we get older, we will experience changes with our bodies. The decisions we make throughout our lives about our health and how we care for ourselves gave a lasting influence on the quality of life we will have as we get older. Let's focus on prevention and well-being and how to make favourable changes. What can be done now to start improving and promoting our health as we age. It is said "age is just a number" but let's look at ways to disrupt ageing. How to achieve, maintain and reclaim our health reclaim our lifestyle and look Fabulous at every age. 

Annette P Brooks is the CEO of FIT N FAB AT 50 LLC based in Atlanta, USA. With a vision to seek a world in which increased numbers of women are pursuing holistic pathways towards better health, wellness and fitness for life. Annette is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Health & Wellness Consultant, International Marathon Runner, Master Bikini Pro, ISA Body Finalist, Wife and Mother. She is on a mission to provide women and their families with increased awareness to more healthy lifestyle options and actions.

Alchemising the Retrogrades of life

Naomi ‘Maitreya’ Elliott, Shamanic Therapist.

When the planets appear to be going backwards in our night skies, it can often feel like our life becomes its mirror. Retrogrades are the spiritual nudges we get to slow down, reflect and refine.

Harnessing the wisdom of Astrology can equip you with the tools to navigate physically, emotionally and spiritually through these seasons with ease.


Naomi ‘Maitreya’ Elliott is an all round Shamanic Therapist. Having studied Metaphysical Sciences such as Astrology and Numerology, as well as healing modalities including Shamanic healing, and Inner Child Therapy.

Naomi’s know and spiritual tools are used to navigate the process of metamorphosis within self mastery also known as Alchemy. Her aim is to ignite the curiosity, and seek transformational discoveries within the Inner Realms of the Self.