No.1 Detangling Brush for Curly, Coily, Afro Hair Textures


Fast & Painless Solution to Tangled Hair

Introducing the new Detangling Brush for
curly, coily, afro hair textures.

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Reduce your detangling time with better results.

Wash day made easy. Effortlessly untangle your strands without pulling or damaging your hair.

Ideal for 3A to 4C hair types.

Having curly, coily or afro hair can be hard to handle. Knots and tangles are oh so real, yet most brushes wreak havoc on your scalp, ripping your precious hair straight from the follicles.

This Detangling Brush is the most effective way to glide through the toughest knots and help restore your hair to manageable levels.

Detangling Brush – Untangle Your Hair Within Minutes

(24 customer reviews)

£19.99 £11.99

Make every day a good hair day

✔️ Detangles hair with ease
✔️ Cut your detangling time in half
✔️ Minimal shedding, helps to reduce breakage, knots and splitting
✔️ Saves time and hassle
✔️ Painless. It’s gentle on your scalp
✔️ Perfect for children. No more tantrums and tears!
✔️ Effectively untangles short, medium and long hair
✔️ Perfect for 3A to 4C hair textures
✔️ Effective use for hair extensions, hair clip-ins, weaves and wigs too.

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What you will get

✔ 1 x Detangling brush
✔ 1 x Detachable size control bracket

The Benefits of the Detangling Brush

Detangling Brush - Untangle Your Hair Within Minutes 
Your hair doesn’t always listen to you. But we’ve discovered how to speak its language so you can stop bad hair days in their tracks with our Detangling Brush.

✔ Painless, fast, easy detangling for 3A to 4C hair textures
✔ No more pulling or snagging hair
✔ Eliminates knotty hair with ease
✔ Kicks excessive hair shedding to the curb
✔ Helps to maintain hair length retention
✔ Stimulates and massages the scalp
✔ Suitable for children
✔ Evenly distributing hair care products throughout strands
✔ Helps to further define curls, get your curls poppin’
✔ Effectively detangles short, medium and long hair lengths
✔ Boosts your confidence with hair that gets people talking
✔ Easier detangling experience with type 1A to 2A hair types too
✔ Available in various colours

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Boost your confidence

With some tangle-free TLC

Hairstyles come and go, but one thing never changes – hair plays a HUGE role in your confidence. And when it’s not in tip-top shape, self-esteem can easily plummet.

Living with knots and tangles should be a choice, not something you’re forced to deal with. Give your hair some much-needed TLC with our Detangling Brush and enjoy added confidence and quality of life.

No more stress
❌ No more anxiety
❌ No more low self-esteem
❌ No more lengthy detangling routines

Goodbye to ineffective hair brushes

Say hello to tangle-free hair.

If you’re doing things the old way, its time to stop. Traditional brushing can lead to significant hair shedding from getting snagged and pulling of traditional hair brushes.

It is time to keep most of your strands where they belong – in that beautiful scalp. Using our Detangling Brush, your hair can recover from knotting and tangles for a look that’s healthier and stronger.

Insanely speedy

Detangling made easy! The tangle-free hairbrush

If you’re the proud owner of natural hair, you’ll know detangling your tresses can be a nightmare. You may even have to wake up early just to start the process of slowly detangling your hair.

Pain-free detangling

Tender head detangling solution

Our Detangling Brush was made with this in mind and was designed to glide effortlessly through your tresses, no matter the length. It will have you wondering where its been all your life.

Experience simplicity

We want the best for natural haired men and women all over the world. This brush is built to display the genius in simplicity, so you can spend your time being stress-free during your hair care routine, and get back hours of your day!

Steps to detangle your hair with this Detangling Brush

1. Wet your hair: Either in the shower or with a water spray, always start with wet hair to make the detangling process more comfortable.

Additionally, add conditioner to your hair (Recommended for afro hair textures (type 4 hair)).

2. Slowly detangle from the ends: For extra slip, add conditioner to your hair. Then take a section of your hair and start gently detangling from the ends working your way up to the scalp. Hold the Detangling Brush vertically to get rid of the toughest of knots, then horizontally to untangles your hair.

3. Time to shampoo: It’s important to always detangle before shampooing to get the best lather and avoid further knots. Enjoy knotless hair once again with these easy steps.

Tip: This Detangling Brush can be used to detangle, style, and prevent frizz all in one go.

How do I clean my Detangling Brush?

The best way to clean your Detangling hairbrush is to run it under warm water and pull out the few strands of hair. Shake your brush from side to side to remove any excess water. Then place it on a hard, flat surface and leave it to dry.

24 reviews for Detangling Brush – Untangle Your Hair Within Minutes

  1. Avatar


    I just received it, and it came in on time and I’m excited to use it. I’ll update later on how well it works for my hair.

  2. Avatar


    Really nice brush

  3. Avatar


    Good brush works good on my curly haar. Very easy detangeling brush. Seems good quality

  4. Avatar


    Really good brush, big, takes care of tangles very well. Doesn’t hurt at all and helps defining curls!

  5. Avatar


    I like it to comb with hair conditioner. It’s quite hard for scalp on dry hair.

  6. Avatar


    very unique brush. Works well defining my natural curls. would recommend

  7. Avatar


    The mint green brush is as described. And usable.

  8. Avatar


    This brush is a MUST for afro hair is especially for the type 4 hair. Far better than the overhyped Denman brush!! it took about two weeks to receive it. Well made as well. I’m definitely going to order more.

  9. Avatar


    Great detanglers. Good quality, strong and came quickly. Happy with purchase.

  10. Avatar


    this is so amazing for my daughters dangle hair

  11. Avatar


    this is amazing I was able to detangle my hair in 10 minutes and I have 4C type hair

  12. Avatar


    Arrived in good time. Product exactly as described. Great service. Thank you

  13. Avatar


    It works great. My daughter’s curly hair takes way less time to detangle! Worth every penny.

  14. Avatar


    It is perfect and came first

  15. Avatar


    good quality seems sturdy I like how you cab seperate section would recommend

  16. Avatar


    doesn’t cause a lot of breakage even on dry 4c hair. I recommend it and I’m buying more for my family

  17. Avatar


    Omg i love this brush so much the bristles are nice & hard & go thru my hair good

  18. Avatar


    the comb is very good I recommend it but the postings took long time .

  19. Avatar


    Great Brush. Bit bulky but fine for me. Thankyou

  20. Avatar


    It detangled my hair so quick , I absolutely love it . Great for curls

  21. Avatar


    detangles my 4c hair well

  22. Avatar


    According to the description. And perfectly detangles afros 4c hair. I did a dry hair test to tell you how effective this brush is

  23. Avatar


    Came exactly as pictured, very reasonable price and works well

  24. Avatar


    I was very skeptical but this brush really does what is advertised… it detangles and defines! I love it!

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