At CURLYTREATS, we help to bridge the gap between organisations and the community we serve. The services we provide have a direct and positive impact on their lives.

We create authentic experiences to empower our community. What community?

Brands and organisations often ignore opportunities to create experiences that uplift Black women and girls. A Black woman is twice discriminated. Firstly, because of her race. Secondly, because of her gender. Often, there are subtle, subconscious and conscious ways where we're overlooked, underestimated and devalued. Our voices are often unheard in conversations that can bring long-lasting change and equality in today's society. As experts of curated experiences, Black women's needs are front and centre of what we do.

We understand the experiences of Black women. Why? Because we were born Black girls who grew up to be Black women.

We create content that empowers our community to embrace and love the parts of themselves which society tells them are unacceptable.

There are countless negative experiences in schools and workplaces where they are made to feel uncomfortable or are not included because their hair texture and cultural hairstyles are different. Plus, intergenerational trauma from transatlantic slavery has impacted how Black families understand, cope, and heal from this trauma. These effects can be psychological, physical and mental.

We are a culturally connected community who are socially conscious. CURLYTREATS provides intergenerational safe spaces where the community can connect, converse, contribute and collaborate IRL and online - without judgement!

We gather data to better understand our community and improve the services we deliver.

We are change-makers! CURLYTREATS has extensive knowledge and experience consulting with organisations and their brands. The data we gather helps us deliver thought-provoking conversations, develop opportunities for change and create cultural content.



We're open to partnering with brands and organisations who align with our mission and core values. Are you interested in working with us? Get in touch today!

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