Together, we celebrate. Together, we empower.

Back by popular demand, on 25th October 2019, over
5,000+ people
visited the UK’s biggest natural hair event at Novotel Conference Centre. People explored the expo, joined educational conference talks for adults, engaged in break-out sessions for young people, and boogied down to great music.

Find out more of what happened below.






Tesely Canisia

I came to London for CurlyTreats Fest. And I have to say it was impressive! Such a great vibe, so many beautiful people and different brands coming together to celebrate our #naturalhair. What I particularly liked is the positivity of the people and the nice compliments you get. Also very nice to finally meet the owners of the brands that I work with, so amazing
Thank you so much to @curlytreatsfest for hosting such a wonderful event for natural hair this weekend! I wish the recent embrace and visibility of Natural hair was more common when I was growing up! There are now so many accessible resources available to us curly girls to help us learn about what our hair really needs, rather than resorting to "easier" yet damaging alternatives. I love that I now love my curls! I hope the next generation never learn to not love theirs ❤ So happy to have shared the experience with my Sister from another Mister @belindaaaaa__

Leos Controlled Chaos



It was truly enjoyed by all friends and family who came. My daughters were inspired by the conference speakers and what most of the stalls had on show. They left feeling very confident in being able to wear their natural hair in the knowledge that there are products and technical persons nearby to call upon for advice and support.
Such a lovely event a great vibe amazing atmosphere, I surprised my daughter as a treat and she loved it. Lots to see and buy all the different vendors so very welcoming and knowledgeable about their products.




There were lots of positives. A wide variety of helpful exhibitors, and informative conference presentations made this enjoyable.


We had a great day yesterday CurlyTreats Fest, thank you to all our new customers and followers It was also lovely to meet all of the other inspiring sellers!

Joany O'Cary

AMAZING venue allowing for closer encounters with all the businesses, an amazing seminar room allowing us all to see and hear clearly. You brought alot of great vendors together & it was an indescribable experience. Thank you!

Grace Miranda Sutton

Lovely to attend #CurlyTreatsFest this afternoon! Such a fantastic atmosphere and brilliant to see so many individuals and brands celebrating a and championing #naturalhair 💛🎉➿

Princess Keisha Omilana

I want to take a moment to publicly thank CURLYTREATS for inviting A Crown of Curls to the AMAZING festival. We truly had a wonderful time at our workshop and it was fascinating to be amongst so many talented entrepreneurs.
It was a lovely experience. As packed as it was, it wasn’t out of control and there was never a dull moment. The vendors we fabulous and the talks were very helpful and informative. I’d definitely go again next year!


Such a great day spent at @curlytreats discovering new brands and meeting other curly like minded people. Good to see @osocurly and @ukcurlygirl once again doing her thing 💓 lovely to meet @curleebox too for the first time after being a fan for so long. Can’t wait for next year’s edition.



Farouk James

Today was super amazing, it was like london had been hungry for a good afro hair event for way too long! Well done @curlytreatsfest We learnt so much during the workshops and from the exhibitors!

Black History Studies.

@curlytreatsfest is important for young ladies to learn about hair care and more. These two empresses had a great time at the event. #curlytreatslondon #curlytreats

Jennifer Lancaster

Fab day out @curlytreats with these girlies who are embracing their curly natural hair and empowering each other with their hair journeys!

KIYA Cosmetics

We had such a great time at @curlytreatsfest yesterday!! 😍💃🏽💃🏽 It was really nice meeting some of you beauties, can’t wait for the next event!! 💃🏽😘😘


One of our most successful events for the year! 🙌🏿

Zenys Inspirations

We listened We shared We hugged We laughed We supported And for that I am truly grateful. Thank you all and thank you @curlytreatsfest for making it an amazing experience.

Alison Bajaican

It was a fantastic day and the DJ upstairs remembered little man!


I’ve just had an incredible day today at @curlytreatsfest with @soulcapofficial alongside with my gorgeous @racquelstewart ♥️ loved meeting all of you that came to the stand, all the ones I met while walking around at the event, the amazing brands exhibiting at the show and it was also great attending such great talks. Thank you to the @curlytreats organisers and specially to @shirvina, the event mentor, who every year puts together something so special for our community!

Amaeze MSc ANutr

Thank you @curlytreatsfest @curlytreats for having me on Saturday! Really enjoyed my time there and got to see so many quality brands and curls in all their glory! The link between hair and nutrition often gets overlooked so it was my pleasure to be able to share all things health from the inside out amongst some hair and beauty legends!

Benedicta Banga

Awesome day CurlyTreats Fest. 💛

We Talk Beauty NL

It was really packed! There were a lot of people celebrating and loving our natural hair...There were a lot of local brands present, but the international brands were also there. Of course, we love us some curly hair tools & accessories so this was a good opportunity to buy them... Beauties we can tell you! There was such a great vibe, positivity and so much love 💕

Pure Goodness

We had a fab time at CURLYTREATS Fest.

Celebrity You Natural

Fantastic event in general and we had a blast yesterday... And of course, to everyone we met yesterday, we appreciate the love and support and many thanks for stopping by at our stand...So till next time

Info Consultancy

Thank you to all the amazing people who attended #CurlyTreatsFest and made it the biggest event ever attended. I'm looking forward to next year 💃🏾

Tropikalbliss ™️

Our booth was packed with amazing curl friends this Saturday in London at the @curlytreatsfest 🇬🇧 - Thank you so much to all of you for stopping by! 🔥 - CEO & Founder @inguela.coudoux

Love Your Beauty

We had an amazing time at @curlytreatsfest yesterday. It was so great to meet so many beautiful women. We laughed together, sang together and danced together... Thank you to all the lovely ladies who purchased from us yesterday! You kept us busy and Almost sold out our stock!
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