Being Young & Embracing Your Grey Hair With Confidence

Samantha Pollack, Content Creator and Story Teller

Going grey can feel like an emotional roller coaster. A few grey strands are no big deal. But once there are plenty of greys, things can feel a little more horrifying or at least they used to be. Content creator, Samantha Pollack is embracing her silver hair with confidence. And wants to help you love your silvers now or in the future. Are you struggling with loving your grey natural hair? Join Samantha's session.

Samantha Pollack is a content creator and story teller based in the Netherlands, blending a passion for hair, travel and art. The platform offers a different view on beauty, with Samantha being in her twenties and naturally transitioning to silver hair. Letting the world know that she's not compromising on her natural essence and that being young and silver is beautiful too!

8 Steps on How To Grow Long Afro Hair

Dr. Lola Akingbola

Dr Lola will give 8 practical steps to building a haircare routine that will help your hair to flourish. No matter your hair type, styling choice or current length, you can grow longer, stronger hair! All you need is a good regime and attention to detail to maximise your hair’s growth potential. Why believe the myths that black hair can’t grow long? Come and learn how to harness your true length.

Dr. Lola Akingbola is Nigerian-born medical doctor, the creator of and author of the books: “8 Weeks to Longer Hair!” and “The Transitioner’s Handbook”. For many years, she has been sharing her hair care knowledge online (on her blog); in workshops; and at Health and Beauty Expos across the United Kingdom. Her other passions include her walk with God, baking, running marathons, and being an avid reader. She is a practicing Dermatologist who currently resides in the UK.

How Your Period Affects Your Hair

Leah Salmon, Bestselling Author, speaker, Nutritionist, Life Coach & Live Blood Analyst

Women who experience menstrual cycles can testify to the irritating hormonal changes that happen during that time. In fact, it can be a full-body experience including cramping, bloating, mood swings, headaches and breast tenderness.

Most of us have made our peace with our monthly cycle by now but did you know it affects your hair too. As your estrogen levels are decreases, and testosterone levels increase during that time, you hair and scalp can become more oily and dull. Find out how to take care of your hair just before, during and after your menstrual cycle.

Leah’s journey into natural health and nutrition began when she was just 11 years old when she decided to become vegetarian. Her stressful, soya and junk food filled teens resulted in her developing a concerning gynecological condition.
After seeking help from doctors who dismissed her condition, she began studying nutrition, aromatherapy and herbal medicine and managed to cure herself using herbs and foods. This sparked her passion to help others use the power of nature and coaching, as she had done, to free themselves of illness, so they don’t need to suffer as she had done. Leah also delivered 2 of her babies prematurely, the second of which, her precious son Amun, sadly passed on at 8 months old. This experience empowered Leah to turn around her health again and she went on to have 5 full term uncomplicated home births against all the odds.
In 2017, Leah qualified as a Live Blood Analysis and in 2018 opened The Naturally You Clinic, with pop up clinics in the UK. Using this fascinating, popular, exploratory tool, Leah carried out over 100 tests on clients in the few months of the clinic opening and her clinic is steadily growing to help more and more people.
Leah knows that if we can empower women to take back control of their life and health naturally and have healthy periods, wombs & pregnancies, as the backbone of the nation, they’ll be the catalyst for global healing across the nation, so she’s dedicated her career to helping support them to achieve health, wellness and a nourished abundant life naturally.

The Hosts

Sonia Greyson-Newman - Award winning Life Coach, Author, Lifestyle Blogger, Speaker

Sonia supports women to get unstuck, jumpstart their lives and get their sassy back so that they can live the life of their desires. She is often invited to contribute on a number of radio shows, speaking platforms and articles. A housing professional, wife, mother of 4 and grandmother, Sonia believes that sometimes the simplest mind-set and lifestyle changes have the biggest impact on living a balanced and happy life.

Malik Muhammad - Author of ‘Empower Yourself to Succeed’

Malik Muhammad was raised and educated in Jamaica, read law in London and the author of ‘Empower Yourself to Succeed’. He created The Empowerment Mastery System to influence, help and inspire businesses to cultivate their visions in a specific time frame. Malik enjoys vegan cooking and quad biking. He is an after dinner speaker, event host and convenes empowerment seminars internationally.