Solution Sessions.
Because You Matter Too.

Sis, visit on Saturday 5 March 2022 at Novotel West. Take part in important conversations centred around the collective issues affecting Black British women. Find out how you can get involved and be part of long-term changes.

Trigger warning: contains sensitive information

Black women experience discrimination. Firstly, because of our race, and secondly, our gender – and other intersecting identities. Often, there are subtle, subconscious and conscious ways where we’re overlooked, underestimated and devalued.

When Black women speak up about anything judged as unfavourable in society, there is a long history of our experiences and feelings being dismissed. The intersecting challenges that Black women experience are often silenced, ignored, or unspoken. 

Everyone has an array of emotions. Yet, in society, Black women are considered to be aggressive, unnecessarily annoyed and easily irritated – stereotyped as “angry Black women”. As a result, Black women are more likely to be under-treated for pain, suffer in silence, and pass away from preventable causes.

Be part of this intergenerational  space where as Black women we can connect, converse, contribute and collaborate in real life – without judgement.

Solution sessions will include issues about misogynoir, the erasure of Black women’s contributions, Black femicide & domestic violence, and Black maternal mortality.

Please be aware that some of the activities within this space will address difficult and sensitive subjects. Please use discretion if attending with people under 18 years old.

“You Matter Too” is one of 4 spaces at the Dear Black Women Festival, click on the links below to find out what’s taking place in the other spaces:

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