Wellness Sessions.
Because You Are Worthy.

Sis, visit our wellness sanctuary on Saturday 5 March 2022 at Novotel West. A calm space where Black women can be vulnerable.

Too often, as Black women, we’ve put the needs of everyone else first. The damaging “strong Black woman” stereotype means other people expect us to be resilient, independent, self-sacrificing and have unwavering strength. There is an unspoken expectation that Black women should take care of everyone else’s problems whilst neglecting our own issues – and our wellbeing too.

This wellness sanctuary is here to emphasise that we matter too and a reminder to be kind to ourselves. We affirm that we are worthy, valuable, and deserving of self-care. Healing takes time and isn’t linear. So keeping that in mind, we commit to helping Black women heal through joy. 

Participate in our collective wellness sessions to support you on your self-care and self-love journey. Explore what it means to relax!

Wellness sessions include meditation, sound healing, affirmation therapy, yoga, dance therapy. 

It should be noted that children are not allowed in this space due to the nature of this sanctuary.

“You Are Worthy” is one of 4 spaces at the Dear Black Women Festival, click on the links below to find out what’s taking place in the other spaces:

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