Reclaiming Our Narratives, Reclaiming Our Voices

When Diversity Means More Than Just Representation

Miranda Larbi

Miranda Larbi is a health and lifestyle journalist, who has written for, The Sun, BuzzFeed and other national publications. At the moment, she writes mainly on fitness - an area of life which is often affected by our hair choices.  As a biracial person brought up by a mixed-race dad and a Caucasian mum with zero knowledge about how to deal with non-straight hair, she's interested in the role curly locks plays in racial identity.

Lekia Lee

Lekia is a former broadcast journalist having worked both in Nigeria and UK. She founded Project Embrace to inspire young women and girls to embrace their afro textured hair but also to campaign against the lack of and mis-representation of Afro hair, and by extension black beauty and women in the media. To challenge narrow beauty standards and champion visible media diversity, she launched the Project Embrace #afrovisibility billboard campaign in 2017 starting with 2 billboards in London. The Project Embrace Billboard Campaign was nominated for the Diversity in Media Awards Best Marketing Campaign in 2017 and won the World Afro Day Social Impact Award in 2018. Lekia speaks on inclusion at various events for brands and individual companies; she has appeared on BBC Stories, PinAfrica, talkRadio, BBC 5 live radio, BBC London Radio, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Stylist and Glamour Magazine amongst many others.

Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams is the founder of boutique marketing agency, SevenSix. With a collective seven years in marketing, Charlotte has worked as a marketing manager for brands such as Hello Kitty, WAH Nails and as a freelance consultant. During this time, she created notable campaigns such as “Hello Kitty Gang” and worked with a number of high profile brands within the fashion and beauty industry.